REC-Pennsauken: “I don’t think any other words could say it better! My time at Rehab Excellence was actually very enjoyable as well as beneficial! Huge Thank You to Tony and the whole staff!!! You guys are the best!!!”

– Barbara


“Tony, Thank you for helping me gain the strength back in my shoulder by using the weight that was just right, not too heavy or too light…Thanks for teaching me how to control the weight and not have the weight control me!” 

– Melissa


REC-Voorhees: “Scott, it’s been almost a year since I tore both my ACL and MCL playing soccer at my school and it’s been wonderful to run around and kick the soccer ball again. Thank you so much for helping me on the road to recovery and for being encouraging and pushing me farther than I thought I could go. Your care and excellence were a key part to my recovery and, equally, thank you for being friendly and always making me laugh. Thank you so much for everything. I don’t think I can say enough!”

– Tori


REC-Mt. Laurel: “Dear Mark, I greatly appreciate all you have done for me. Since you became my Physical Therapist, I feel that I have truly improved in my recovery and, given my limited abilities, have reached my maximum physical limits. I appreciate your dedication, caring, easy going yet discipline to push harder when possible and easing off when needed. Your knowledge and expertise in your profession lead to the way I feel today. I know you have a bright future ahead of you with your “right on the spot” therapy. I’m very grateful for having you as my Physical Therapist. Thank you & God Bless.”

– Julie


“I love you guys and will miss you! Thank you for all your support with my recovery! 

– Rene


REC-Turnersville: “Alyssa, I feel very fortunate to have had you as my Physical Therapist, while rehabilitating from my devastating, life changing injury and surgery. I have had to rehab from several injuries in the past and I must say that you are a very caring individual who puts much thought, time and effort into your patients. Your individual attention is a very welcome occurrence, since there is not much of it anymore in our society as a whole. Thanks to you, this rehabilitation has been a positive experience.”

– RoseAnn


“Everything was great. The treatment was phenomenal, I feel 100% better!”

– Frank