Rehab Excellence Center




“If you have to go to physical therapy, I recommend Rehab Excellence Center. Dan and Lisa worked very well with me to rehab my shoulder after 2 major surgeries. They are professional, personable and kind. They are knowledgeable about the healing process and work diligently with me in a firm and gentle way. Physical therapy is hard enough and these professionals make it a process that is positive and hopeful. In healing my shoulder, they are also healing my spirits! Thank you everyone at Rehab Excellence Center, you do important and meaningful work! Special shout out to Chrissy…without your help with the insurance and co-pay process, therapy for me would not have been possible”.


“Thank you guys for helping me get back on my feet. I appreciate everything you all have done for me.”


“Dan, Lisa and Chrissy, We didn’t really get to say thank you or good bye when Anthony was discharged. We just want you to know how much we appreciate all your hard work and dedication to his recovery. Thank you so much. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.”

Joyce and Anthony


Mark is an excellent physical therapist. His impressive range of knowledge and willingness to explain things are a huge benefit and saved me some calls to my doctor. He creates an environment where clients feel comfortable. This was true even after the COVID-19 pandemic began. I’ve been through physical therapy in the past where I was watching the clock hoping my time there would end. Working with Mark, each session flew by, thanks to the welcoming environment that Mark fosters. At the same time, he pushes and encourages patients enough to keep them motivated and moving forward. Mark never failed to pay full attention to every patient. You also have a real asset in Cassidy. She keeps things running smoothly and anticipates clients needs which is more than I can say about the administrative staff at most medical facilities! Thanks for employing such competent employees and making my recovery as easy as possible!


“My experience at Rehab Excellence Center has been nothing short of amazing! The staff has accommodated all of my appointments around my busy life and Mark has been a great physical therapist and my strength and function have improved very quickly with minimal pain.”


“My experience at Rehab Excellence Center has been a great and memorable one. Mark has made excellent progress on the rehabilitation to my injury with his wealth of knowledge to his craft. He has taken a major negative impact to my life and brought back my injury to a manageable and treatable experience. I highly recommend Mark and staff for anyone’s rehabilitation needs.”




“I usually don’t leave a review; however, I believe this place deserves to get recognized. Pam, there are no words to explain how grateful I am for everything you do for me. She goes above and beyond to help and comfort me. Thanks to her help my neck feels so much better. Due to my recent health, I need a small and quiet setting; otherwise, I develop cognitive fatigue that affects my speech. Therefore, Karen and Pam arrange my appointments when no one is there, they turn off the music, light, even whisper so I don’t get disturbed during my session. Pam takes care of her patients as a family member; she really cares about them. I have never met anyone like her. Very grateful. Thank you, Pam and Karen!!


“Dear Pam, Jill and Karen, Thank you so much for all you girls did. I’m sure he’ll continue to improve and will keep on him even though he thinks I nag him. We will miss coming there and wish you all the best!”

Henry and Marie

“Dear Pamela and Karen, Thank you so much for accommodating me at your center. Although the movements were a challenge at first, knowing that you’ll be there for me at each step gave me courage to continue. I’m feeling stronger every day and I will always be thankful to you for that. My sincere gratitude!”




” Rehab Excellence is a great place to rehab. The staff is friendly and helpful and is concerned with your progress. Matt is one of the best therapists I have rehabbed with and Russell is also a great person. I give rehab excellence a 5 plus star. I highly recommend them.”


” I hate working out but really enjoyed my time there. Matt is an encyclopedia of physical therapy. He pushed me hard (in a good way) and was very encouraging. If something was too difficult he would make changes so it was safer while still beneficial. I never thought I’d say this but I’m going to miss seeing him every morning. Thanks again Matt.”


” Matt and the rest of the office staff got me back on my feet and back to work and for that I am grateful. However, they did more than just care for me physically. They took the time to talk to me, to explain things to me and through their caring and kindness got me back mentally as well.”




“The facility is brand new with the equipment for all of your physical therapy needs. Brian is a highly trained physical therapist and a pleasure to work with. This facility will work their best to get you 100%”


“Clean facility and the staff is attentive to your needs. Certainly the therapist to patient ratio allows for individual therapy, tailored to your needs. My progress is due to the staff in Vineland. Thank you!”


“This is a great facility. Brian does really well with all the clients and is very knowledgeable. Having a better understanding of all of the machines and equipment and the parts of the body that they work, was very helpful.”


“Very good care! Professional! Brian is the best therapist!”


A Message To Our Customers,

Rehab Excellence Center’s Commitment to Patients and Safety

The world has been facing an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Like you, we have been deeply concerned and want to do what we can to help keep our customers, communities and families safe and healthy.

Rehab Excellence Center takes the responsibility to our customers, our teams and our patients very seriously and we are working to make sure our customers have access to our quality care in the safest manner possible. 

After listening to the appropriate sources for accurate and up-to-date information, we have been taking sensible steps to make sure our preparedness plan reflects those inputs.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make any changes to ensure a high level of safety for our patients. 

What We’re Doing:

  • Providing physical therapy services in a small and controlled visit setting (Single Therapist Office) and typically just 1-3 patients in the room during the patient visit. Following social distancing guidelines is a requisite.

  • Following CDC guidelines, we kindly require our patients to wear masks to protect the health and safety of our patients and staff during their physical therapy visits. 

  • Equipping each REC facility with a Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer, providing fast and reliable body temperature measurement (1 second testing).

  • We are encouraging all of our patients to thoroughly clean their hands with either our alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water (and for 20 seconds or longer each time). Washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand-rub kills viruses that may be carried on the hands.

  • Our employees are also working diligently to ensure everyone is following our existing protocols for hand-washing, disinfecting and sanitizing equipment, treatment tables, waiting areas, bathrooms, door knobs, and other general areas.

  • Per the World Health Organization (WHO), we suggest patients stay home if they feel unwell and we can re-schedule their appointment for a later date. If they have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, we ask they call REC in advance and seek medical attention. Calling in advance will allow their health care provider to quickly direct them to the right health facility and better protect them and help prevent the spread of viruses and other infections.

We recognize this is a challenging time for all and we remain deeply committed to the safety of our customers, teams and communities.  Our patients and customers are the heart of our business and we thank you for your long-standing trust in Rehab Excellence Center, as we continue to navigate this uncertain period ahead.

Kind regards,

Rob Hicks
Founder & CEO